Airport Operations & Development

Our company has extensive experience in the following main areas of airport operation and development:

The planning, construction, operation and development of an airport infrastructure consists of many interrelated steps. Our company can provide assistance from the preparation phase of a completely new infrastructure to the construction and implementation phase, as well as in defining the framework for daily operations. These tasks may cover the following areas:

  • Airport Master Planning and Design
  • Planning and Construction (Landside, Terminal, Airside)
  • Airport Operations
  • Ground handling
  • IT Solutions
Infrastructural planning

During airport infrastructure planning, the focus must be on determining the appropriate capacity of each system elements within airside and landside) and on the harmonisation of capacities, making sure the international regulatory framework and the demands to be met. Our company can provide assistance in the detailed planning of the following system elements:

  • Layout concepts
  • Airside elements – runway, taxiway, apron, navigational aids
  • Landside elements – terminal, tower, cargo and logistics facilties, roads
  • Fire fighting
  • Security, Fuel supply, IT
Procedural and Organisational planning

The operation of all infrastructures requires an appropriate organization and procedural system, the efficiency of which also affects the company's effectiveness. Both the structure of the organization and the definition of the procedures must be preceded by a detailed analysis, and the operational framework must be established during planning based on this, which must then be continuously checked and modified if necessary. In this regard our company can provide assistance in the following tasks:

  • Process analysis, organizational requirements
  • Organizational structure, job descriptions
  • Operations Control (OCC)
  • Workforce calculation
  • Training programmes
  • Documentation, manuals, certification
Investment preparation and implementation

The implementation of investment programs should consist of several steps. By carrying out the investments, the primary goal is to complete developments that meet the pre-defined demands and all legal requirements and which are completed within the required timeframe, in the desired quality. To achieve these goals our company can provide assistance in the following tasks.

  • Feasibility study
  • Scheduling
  • Construction permit
  • Project management, supervision, coordination